Kalyanam Days welcomes all users to our website and in order to become a member of KalyanamDays.com, you need to review all the terms and conditions mentioned in this page and accept it before continuing to use the services of KalyanamDays.com. We keep on revising our terms and conditions of KalyanamDays.com and it is regularly updated. You are required to accept any changes or modifications which are made in this terms of use page.



When you choose to become a member of KalyanamDays.com you are bound to agree to the following terms and conditions:

1.1 When the user is registering at KalyanamDays.com, he or she needs to use a  genuine email address and insert all relevant details which are required in the form field.

1.2 Confidentiality should be maintained when it is required about your personal details and you need to maintain discrete nature about your account.

1.3 Any discrepancy found in your account should be notified to our support team.

1.4 KalyanamDays.com will not be held liable for your loss or damage which has been faced through non-compliant measures obtained.

1.5 You are bound to agree that all content like personal details will be collected which are required for KalyanamDays.com service and the data is analysed for research purposes only.

1.6 You accept that any information, like messages, events and other links that you find on KalyanamDays.com, is not endorsed or promoted willingly and KalyanamDays.com is not related to that if any such instances found.

1.7 You agree that you are above the legal age which is of 18 years in order to use the services of this website.

1.8 KalyanamDays.com doesn't refund any amount that has been paid in order to become a member of our service.

1.9 Users have to confirm their details through their reference which can be done by a parent or a guardian, only then you can become a successful member of KalyanamDays.com.

1.10 When you register yourself at KalyanamDays.com you will be receiving promotional mail which will be delivered to your email address and you can even wish to unsubscribe from the mailing list at any point of time.

1.11 Paid users of KalyanamDays.com are liable to follow the time frame that has been said to them which includes the validity of their profile.

1.12 User needs to remove all their details upon the expiration of their profile and the data which had been stored will be deleted from our system.

1.13 We do not involve ourselves in direct matchmaking service of any user.

1.14 Once when the users Alliance gets fixed, he or she can deactivate the profile and all of their details will be removed from our system.

1.15 User should be cross-examined by their parent or guardian or any other source again get credible information and come to a decision to fix the alliance.

1.16 Certain proof of documents is required in order to update their date of birth and any other primary details.

1.17 All the online transactions require time to get validated only in the working days and it takes a certain time to get reflected in the system.

1.18 KalyanamDays.com is not held responsible for the communication when the users are communicating with each other via social networks or any other messaging platforms.

1.19 The user is required to furnish all relevant details where communication through KalyanamDays.com can happen in a smoother process.

1.20 Validation of your profile is based on the documents that you provide.

1.21 KalyanamDays.com has full rights to terminate your membership without any refund if you are found to use unfair means on the website.

1.22 KalyanamDays.com can take action by legal measures when any user found out if they violate our terms of service and there will be e instant termination of their profile without any refund.

1.23 If the user is creating multiple profiles on KalyanamDays.com, it's not acceptable and hence the profiles won't be considered at our forum.

1.24 Any user can terminate their membership at any given period of time, you need to note that any refund will not be processed.



In order to register yourself on KalyanamDays.com, you need to furnish all relevant fields which are required in the form field and complete the registration process by providing the information which is valid in nature in order to avoid getting violated from the terms of service. User can also update their information regularly in order to keep their profile fresh. KalyanamDays.com has complete rights when it comes to know that any details which has been furnished, if any discrepancies found, the user will be immediately terminated from our forum and hence the user is not entitled to use our services. KalyanamDays.com is not held liable for liability of your profile, you can always reach our support team if you find any such issues found on the website.



All the Assets of KalyanamDays.com such as logos, design elements cannot be used in other platform without prior permission from KalyanamDays.com. You are entitled not to not use any Trojan or software for data extraction functions on our website.



The user needs to agree to entreat their fellow users with the utmost respect and follow to behave in an appropriate decent manner. User is required not to misuse the personal information that they get from other profile so that you can respect the decorum created from this platform.


The user is fully responsible for any details that are being shared on KalyanamDays.com is on the sole discrete purpose. Any messages, event listing for the testimonial that has been created should be understood that you follow all the norms and consequences which are gained from them that is held responsible by the end-user.  KalyanamDays.com can regularly check content and if found that the detail is not worthy and violates our terms of service is directly terminated from our forum.

Certain Instances where content is limited to which is illegal or habitat that the user is performing roles:

5.1 To order others to take part in or conduct any unlawful acts.

5.2 Violate any international, federal, provincial or state laws, guidelines, legislation or local regulations.

5.3 Violating or violating other people's intellectual property and intellectual property rights.

5.4 Harassment, assault, insult, injury, libel, slander, disrespect, intimidation or discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, national origin or disability.

5.5 To provide information that is false or misleading.

5.6 Uploading or distributing viruses or any other form of malicious code that will or may be used in some manner affecting the functionality or activity of the Service or any associated website, other websites or the Internet.

5.7 Collecting and recording others' personal information.

5.8 Spam, phish, strong, worm, excuse, crawl, or scrape.

5.9 To interfere with or bypass the security features of the Service or any associated website, other websites, or the Internet for any obscene or immoral intent.



Many information, products and services available via our Service may include third-party materials. Third-party links on this page can guide you to non-affiliated third-party websites. We are not responsible for checking or assessing the content or quality and we do not warrant and will not be responsible for any third-party materials or websites or other third-party services.



This website is given as is, directly or implicitly, without representation or guarantee. KalyanamDays.com does not make any promises or assurances about this website or the data and materials on this website.

Without prejudice to the generality of the above section, KalyanamDays.com does not warrant that: this website will be permanently available or available at all, or that the data on this website is absolute, real, reliable or not misleading.

Nothing on this page is or is supposed to be, any kind of guidance. If you need legal, financial or medical advice, you must consult a qualified professional.



Except in jurisdictions where such provisions are limited, KalyanamDays.com shall in no case be liable to you or any third party for any indirect, consequential, exceptional, incidental, extraordinary or punitive damages, including loss of profits resulting from your use of the website or the KalyanamDays.com Program, even if KalyanamDays.com has been notified of the possibility of such damages. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary found anywhere in this Agreement, the overall cumulative liability of KalyanamDays.com under this Agreement for any reason whatsoever, and irrespective of the form of the action, shall at all times be limited to the amount paid, if any, by you to KalyanamDays.com for the Service during the term of membership.



Our payment gateway is operated by third parties and we have decided to partner with them after a lot of due diligence. They use a protected transaction database to protect the transaction information of our customers. The User / Member shall be solely responsible for the privacy of the User Name / Identity and User Password and all operations and transactions carried out by the User through his / her user Identity / Name and shall be solely responsible for any online or offline transactions involving credit/debit cards or other types of instruments or documents relating to such transactions. KalyanamDays.com accepts no responsibility/ obligation for their unauthorized use of the information pertaining to these kinds of use of credit/debit cards used by the online/offline subscriber when operating in the event of any negligence on your part.



You hereby indemnify KalyanamDays.com and agree to hold KalyanamDays.com indemnified against any liability, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses, including without limitation legal expenses and any amounts paid by KalyanamDays.com to a third party in order to settle a complaint or dispute on the advice of KalyanamDays.com legal advisers sustained or suffered by KalyanamDays.com arising out of any violation by you of any clause of these terms and conditions or arising out of any infringement of these terms and conditions.



By becoming a member of KalyanamDays.com, you consent to receive direct emails from KalyanamDays.com.

This Agreement, agreed-upon use of the Site and further confirmed by becoming a Member of KalyanamDays.com, contains the full agreement between you and KalyanamDays.com concerning the use of the Site and/or the Service. If any clause of this Agreement is void, the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

You are under an obligation to report any abuse or misuse of the Internet. Should you find any violation or misuse of the Website or any breach of this Agreement, you shall immediately inform KalyanamDays.com of such infringement by writing to info@kalyanamdays.com

Upon receipt of such a complaint, KalyanamDays.com may investigate such a complaint and, if appropriate, may terminate the membership of the Member responsible for such misconduct or misuse without any refund of the subscription fee. Every false claim made by a Member shall make the Member responsible for the termination of his/her membership without any refund of the subscription fee.

Please contact us with any concerns you may have about this Agreement.