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Leading South India Hindu Community Matrimonial Website

Leading South India Hindu Community Matrimonial Website

About Us

Kalyanam days is a leading matrimonial site dedicated to all south Indian communities namely south Indian Christianssouth Indian Hindus, and south Indian Muslims. Kalyanam days is born out of the belief to bind two individuals into soulmates. We understand that marriage is a pious institution in every religion and community and so we serve everyone with the best matrimonial advice regardless of their community. Kalyanamdays is one of the best South Indian Hindu community matrimony websites in India.

Why Indian weddings are special?

Because we all know it’s not just a wedding but it is similar to a festival of 3 days minimum whereas including all rituals that take place before and after it is almost a week’s celebration. Not just this the preparation at both sides begins 2-3 months back with planning of all the ceremonies, attires, jewellery, decorations, songs to dance on and whatnot. And as the world knows in India it’s not between the bride and groom but it is actually between the extended family of both. It’s an absolute delight to attend Indian weddings where you enjoy from day to night without getting time to get tired.

South Indian Hindu Community Marriages

India is a land of diversity, and the same thing applies to weddings also. You can see so much difference within just one community. For instance Hindu community has a unique colour in every state. In South Indian Hindu communities horoscope matching is a must in every state. And the marriage muhuratam will be based on the bride and groom’s horoscope which is mostly in the day time. South Indian Hindu community’s wedding rituals include Haldi and kanyadan as a compulsory ceremony whereas other ceremonies and rituals change their form.

Significance of South Indian Weddings

Every part of India has its own traditions and so is with weddings. South Indian weddings are both common and different from other parts of India. As there will be some rituals which will be different but the belief related to it will be similar. Every state of the Southern part of India has its own beauty when it comes to weddings. Silk sarees and gold jewellery is a major part of south Indian weddings. Here the marriage muhuratam matters a lot and some of the weddings take place even before sunrise. From decoration to music, from appearance to food, South Indian weddings hold a special culture. Unlike north Indian weddings where people will be dressed up in sherwanis or suits, here you need to wear a white shirt and veshti and the same changes for women. Although in both parts they will be wearing sarees even that will be different as in the south Indian community you will find only silk sarees.

At the wedding lobby, a holy fire is set up and the Pandit (Priest) drones the psalms for the sake of God and the couple's progenitors. The Bride and Groom are lifted on the shoulders of their particular uncles and they trade bloom festoons thrice which means an ideal association and acknowledgement of one another. For instance in Tamil community, the lady of the hour is made to sit on her dad's lap and give over to the man of the hour. The groom ties Mangalsutra (consecrated jewellery) around the lady of the hour's neck. At that point a sacred shower is given to the lady of the hour by pouring water through the burden and completing it by hanging new Koorai Saree by the husband to be's, sister.

Three bunches are tied to the mangalsutra, one by the man of the hour and the other two by the lucky man's sister to make the lady a piece of their family. What's more, here comes the most significant piece of the wedding – The Seven Steps. The lucky man, holding the ladies hand, strolls seven stages around the blessed fire. It is accepted that the seven stages around the heavenly fire, finishes the marriage. The older folks and invitees showers Akshadai (rice-grains covered with turmeric) on the couple as acknowledgment of their marriage. Taking the Laaja Homam (offering of roasted rice grains) with her, the lady of the hour leaves her home, and enters her parents in-law home.

Wedding rituals and their beliefs in South Indian Hindu Community

As the couple will enter a new phase of their life, they need blessings, support and love from everyone along with each other. As they are about to step into domestic life and start a family of their own all the rituals and customs performed have beliefs related to their happy and hassle-free future.

Pre-wedding function which is additionally called Engagement is held a few months before the wedding. Where the lady of the hour and man of the hour trade rings, alongside the relatives and the parents in law of the couple present them blessings. Both the families choose the Muhuratam (a propitious date and time) for the wedding dependent on the horoscopes. The service prompts an end by giving Bride the Clothes, Gold, and Silverware by the mother of the man of the hour. At the point when the Muhurat is chosen, the part for Wedding Invitations comes. Wedding Invitations assumes a significant job in weddings in India. The South Indian Cards, don't just incorporate the couple's names, day, setting and occasions yet, in addition, remembers the names of all relatives for unique solicitations, recipients, and kid demands.

The wedding begins a few days before the principal wedding day. Each one of the ceremonies starts with Lord Ganesha's Sthapana (the God of Initiation is summoned), at that point Nandi Devta Pooja (a few directing divinities) which is revering of a few managing gods and is trailed by introducing Dhoti and Saree to the to-be hitched pairs. The function begins with Vratham which is tying Kappu (the holy string) on both the lady of the hour and lucky man.

In the South Indian Hindu community Kashi yatra is a ritual which takes place before the wedding in which the groom tells that he will leave the social life and take sanyas by going to Kashi to acquire spiritual life. The bride’s father convinces him to stay by telling him about the values of social, married and family life and asks to marry his daughter. The person who stops the groom is different for all communities. For instance, in the south Indian telugu community the bride’s brother plays the major role in convincing the groom for marriage whereas in south Indian kannada community it is the groom’s maternal uncle who explains him about the alliance.

Another tradition is to perform Ganesh and Gouri pooja on the marriage day and pray for a stable married life with no obstacles coming in the couple’s way. Ganesh pooja is done by the groom and Gauri pooja by the bride in which she asks for the blessing of “saubhagyavati bhava”.

Kanyadanam and Saptpadi (7 rounds or 7 pheras) are two other rituals which are common in all states for Hindu community. With the seven rounds the bride and groom make 7 promises to each other as a foundation of their married life. These vows or promises signifies the ideal married life they should lead by understanding, supporting, and loving each other equally.

They take vows and promise to be with each other in every phase of life no matter how critical the situation is. The groom agrees to provide all the necessary things for his wife and takes care of her happiness and safety whereas the bride agrees to take care of the home and family by standing with her husband and supporting him.

Kanyadanam is a ritual in which the bride’s father gives her hand to the groom and asks him to take her responsibility forever. In Telugu Hindu community a curtain is placed between the bride and groom and removed only after Kanyadanam.

The night of the big day is a period of fun and unwinds. Each individual from family and visitors sit together and there goes a rundown of fun-loving things. During this hour the women sing tunes and make jokes about the lady of the hour and lucky man. These things are accomplished for the association of the lady of the hour with the family members of man of the hour.

Music and Food in South Indian Hindu Community

Nadaswaram is the musical instrument which is played while the wedding rituals take place. It is similar to the shehnai in North Indian weddings. Unlike north you won’t find a DJ or dance floor but you will get to enjoy some soothing classical music.

In every South Indian Hindu wedding the food is served on banana leaves and you have to eat it with your hands. The feast includes starters, main course and sweet dish. Every part of the meal is full of variety which makes you confused about what to eat first. Well the right order to eat rice is, to start with sambhar and end with curd, and then you can enjoy all the sweet dishes from laddu to payasam.

How KalyanamDays will help you in searching for Bride/Groom of South India?

A Marriage between two couples is a consecrated security in Hindu culture and furthermore is a significant occasion in everybody's life. Marriage is said to be an only trade-off, alteration and comprehension between two individuals and are likewise consistent with an extremely huge degree. It is in every case better to be astute and prudent before picking your better half. Kalyanamdays is an ideal goal to locate your Hindu perfect partner with a seal of trust from our hindu matrimony. At Kalyanamdays we pay attention to it very much with regards to the security and protection of our clients. We endeavour to enable our clients to locate their ideal Hindu perfect partner. Few of the communities that we cater to are Hindu Brahmin Matrimony, Hindu Boyar Matrimony, Hindu Bhandari Matrimony, Hindu Devanga Matrimony, Hindu Ezhava Matrimony, Hindu Khatik Matrimony, Hindu Kuravan Matrimony, Hindu Kulalar Matrimony, Hindu Kuruba Matrimony, Hindu Lingayat Matrimony, Hindu Lonari Matrimony, Hindu Matrimony Mangalore, Hindu Matrimony Madras, Hindu Sonar Matrimony, etc.

Since ancient times we have been told that marriages are made in heaven, at Kalyanam Days we bound ourselves to find your soulmate from heaven. We respect every individual’s perspective and expectations from their life partner and provide complete assistance for you to meet them. Since Kalyanam days is matrimony which offers matchmaking services to each community and sub-communities, you can easily find your better half keeping your desires and privacy as our top priority.

How Kalyanam Days works in finding your soulmate?

Kalyanam Days helps you in finding Hindu Matrimony Brides and Hindu Matrimony Grooms in the most convenient way possible. When you visit our website, you get a quick registration button at the top right corner which takes you to a form where you need to submit the following details -

  • Basic details
  • Educational qualification
  • Work information
  • Personal and family details
  • Upload photos
  • What do you expect in your match

After completing your profile you will be getting profiles of bride/groom, whose details matches with your requirements. You can also ask for personal assistance or search profiles by yourself.

What makes Kalyanam Days different from other matrimonial sites?

We are an ideal spot to locate your ideal perfect partner from the Hindu people group. Is it true that you are searching for hindu brides or grooms? At that point you have gone to the privilege of our site where you can locate your significant other. This is a free Hindu wedding web-based interface where you can look through profiles as per your accommodation and inclination. At Kalyanamdays you can search for Hindu lady of the hour and husband to be from everywhere throughout the world, the interface is easy to understand and versatile also. Kalyanamdays is a free wedding site where you can experience our Hindu brides and Hindu grooms to cope up with your appropriate matching needs. We are the correct goal for individuals who are searching for marriage, Hindu Bride and man of the hour can openly enrol in our marital site with their exact data. We request all the Hindu brides and Hindu grooms to fill in the profile precisely and furthermore transfer your photos to make the profile look alluring. We have a wide network of profiles from Hindu matrimony in Telangana, Hindu matrimony in Andhra, Hindu matrimony in Karnataka and Hindu matrimony in Tamil Nadu.

When there are multiple matrimonial sites available the uniqueness of KalyanamDays is its reach to every south Indian state covering all communities regardless of their religion. Kalyanam Days focuses only on south Indian Matrimony and hence understands the traditions and customs better than any other matrimonial services. We understand your faith in the auspicious relationship of marriage and provide all the support you need to find your soulmate in an individual.