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Leading South India Christian Community Matrimonial Website

Leading South India Christian Community Matrimonial Website

About Us

Kalyanam days is a leading matrimonial site dedicated to all south Indian communities namely south Indian Christians, south Indian Hindus, and south Indian Muslims. Kalyanam days is born out of the belief to bind two individuals into soulmates. We understand that marriage is a pious institution in every religion and community and so we serve everyone with the best matrimonial advice regardless of their community. We are a leading Christian Matrimony Sites in south India who serves a range of Christian Matrimonial services which has proved to be one of the best Christian Matrimonial Websites.

Why are South Indian Christian weddings special?

South Indian Christian weddings are the celebration of a beautiful union of two individuals. In Indian weddings anyone can witness the blend of traditional and modern rituals where even a small custom holds religious and emotional beliefs. The fest of music, food and emotions with a lot of variations among regions and communities shows the true beauty of India.

South Indian Christian community wedding

There are a large number of people in south India who belong to the Christian community. The South Indian Christian community includes Roman Catholic, Jacobite, Anglo, Orthodox Syrian and some more. Christian weddings in India are a blend of western and Indian culture, in other words, a Christian wedding is the best place to witness a beautiful mix of traditions and culture.

For the marriage ceremony or church service, the bride wears a white saree which can be both with or without a veil, some brides choose to wear off white sarees too and accessorize it with gold jewelry and a bouquet in hand. Nowadays white wedding gowns and veil are in trend just like the west. For the reception, it's up to the bride whether she wants a silk saree or some other fabric, but silk sarees are the ones which are quite famous and loved by all. The bridesmaids wear dresses coordinating to the wedding theme.

The groom usually wears a suit or tuxedo of black color for the church ceremony and then changes to a different suit for the reception.

Significance of marriage in the Christian community

The marriage ceremony needs to take place in church and in front of God. The couple publicly promises about love and commitment which should not be taken for granted by any of them. The Christian belief of marriage says that it should not be dissolved and the couple needs to be together for the rest of their lives.

Customs and beliefs related to a Christian wedding

As we told that it is a lovely combination of cultures, customs and rituals follow the same blend, have a look at the ceremonies that take place in a Christian wedding -

Badalchan -

In an orchestrated Indian wedding, matchmaking is a fundamental custom. In the event that it's an Indian Christian wedding, the families search for an appropriate match based on their particular strict convictions. Like, a Catholic Christian would favor not to make the match with a Protestant. When the matchmaking is finished, there is a conventional proposition from the husband to be's side. In South Indian Christian weddings, this proposition is then fixed by Badalchan, where both the families trade betel leaves and betel nuts with one another which signifies that now they will stop looking for other matches and proceed with wedding rituals.

Engagement -

Being a serious significant occasion in an Indian Christian Wedding, the couple can decide to have a close little family occasion or a gigantic slam at the Engagement. When the date and commitment setting is fixed, the couple trades the rings. In a Catholic wedding, the rings are honored with the ward cleric. The groom blesses his soon to be life partner with garments, fragrance and her preferred things. Both the families find a good pace during a fabulous supper. The couple invests some critical time of energy to watch their similarity. The ceremony makes it official to everyone that the couple is going to get married soon.

Bridal Shower or Hens party-

Common in the west, now even in India Bridal shower is increasing its reach. You can take it as the sangeet ceremony of Indian weddings where there will be music, dance, and gifts for the bride to be. The cake which is served in the bridal shower is pink in color and has a thimble hidden in it, so whoever gets the thimble in their cake piece is believed to get married next. In some cases nowadays the party is being celebrated in a short trip.

Bachelors party -

Before the wedding rituals start the groom enjoys his last party as a bachelor where he gets wishes for his upcoming new life. Mostly it is celebrated with close friends and is a crazy wild affair. It can be both just a party or a short trip. The groomsmen take the man of the hour to-be on a last enjoyment ride of bachelorhood. The husband to be and his folks go on an adventurous sports trip. Or on the other hand now and again, they may very well chill at a seashore! The reason behind the trip or celebration is to take the groom's psyche off that whole wedding commotion for some time and essentially unwind. Initially a western wedding society, this enjoyment service has easily combined in Indian weddings in practically all pieces of India.

Roce ceremony

(Haldaat and Mehendi)

Although it sounds more like a Hindu or Muslim wedding, it is a commonly known custom in the Christian community too. The day before the wedding both the bride and groom are applied with a paste made of turmeric, sandalwood and coconut oil to add some glow to them. The ceremony is followed by a sacred bath, prayer, and dinner with the family. Mehndi too has become a serious normal custom in a South Indian Christian Wedding. Particularly in western and Northern pieces of India. Ladies parade excellent Mehndi craftsmanship by employing gifted Mehndi craftsmen.

Wedding day rituals -

Welcome -

On the Big Day, a couple of hours before the administration, the man of the hour's sisters and cousins convey enhanced plate containing the wedding saree, the shroud, a book of scriptures, customary coconuts, dried fruits, almonds, pista, cashew nuts, and Indian desserts to the lady of the hour's home. The congregation minister, who presents, favors the saree and hands it to the lady. The man of the hour's gathering at that point leaves for the congregation where the groom waits for his bride at the altar. The groom sends a car for the bride in which she reaches the church and is welcomed and taken to the altar by the groom’s best man.

Wedding Mass -

When the couple reaches the altar the prayers are started and done by the priest and the other guests present in the church. Then the bible is read and psalms are sung.

Wedding Vows -

The priest decides the wedding vows for both the bride and groom which they utter holding each other’s hands and promise to love, care and respect each other in every phase of their life. The priest asks both of them individually if they are ready to take the other person as their life partner with their consent to which the couple reply “I do”.

The common vow of a Christian wedding is -

I, (Name), take you, (Name), to be my wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God's holy law, in the presence of God I make this vow.

Nowadays, some couples like to write their own wedding vows including the promises they want to keep for the rest of their lives.

Solemnizing of marriage -

The administration for a Christian wedding in India is much the same as Western assistance with one significant exemption: Instead of a ring, the husband-to-be ties a Thali or Mangalsutra around the neck of the lady of the hour. This is a gold chain with a gold pendant where the image of the cross is installed. For a Christian Indian lady, wearing a Thali is an indication that she is hitched. Rings are additionally now and then traded, however generally just during the commitment service. A wedding saree is then gifted to the bride by the groom after which the priest announces them, husband and wife, after which they seek blessings of the elders.

Another distinction is that the man of the hour doesn't kiss the lady in the chapel.

After the formal assistance, the marriage couple stroll down the passageway while the congregation organ plays the Wedding March, and the assemblage showers rice and blossom petals on them.

The reception, where the customary cutting of the wedding cake and toasts to the marriage couple happen. A significant distinction between these gatherings and those in the West is that there is no moving until every one of the visitors have left. Since the Indian Christian weddings are get-togethers with a colossal group, moving and singing are saved uniquely for the nearby relatives.

After the gathering, the newlywed couple has a glass of milk and banana which symbolizes flourishing and ripeness in their new life.

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KalyanamDays is a complete Christian Matrimony Free Search platform where anyone can register Christian Matrimony Free. We help you find your soulmate in our Christian Matrimony For Bride & Groom.

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KalyanamDays is the only matrimonial site that delicately works for all south Indian communities. Whether it is Christian Matrimony Bride Search or Christian Matrimony Bride Grooms or even for Christian Matrimony Doctor Grooms and Christian Matrimony Doctor Brides, we got you covered all. Finding your soulmate becomes an easy task as we also provide individuals the assistance they need in search of their companion. Our services that cater to Christian Matrimony Online lets you Search profile for Christian Matrimony Roman Catholic. Through our robust platform of Christian Matrimony Website, the services are optimized and tailored depending upon your community and hence we guarantee to match you with the perfect partner.