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Find Bride & Groom profiles from Karnataka Matrimony

Find Bride & Groom profiles from Karnataka Matrimony

About Us

Kalyanamdays is a leading matrimonial site dedicated to all south Indian states Andhra PradeshTelanganaKarnatakaTamil Nadu, and Kerala. Kalyanam days is born out of the belief to bind two individuals into soulmates. We understand that marriage is a pious institution in every religion and community and so we serve everyone with the best matrimonial advice regardless of their community. Kalyanamdays is one of the best Karnataka matrimony portal in south India.

Why Indian Weddings Are Special

Indian weddings may not be as big as shown in Bollywood movies but they are not so less also anyways movies are the reflection of reality only. The reality of weddings in India is that it is celebrated between two extended families like a festival. A wedding is a happy occasion for any family when their kids are starting a new chapter of their life and the beginning is celebrated on a big scale. One can witness many colors in Indian weddings from north to south and east to west; the one thing which is similar is they are close to traditions and culture. A wedding of any religion showcases their culture and their roots. With a number of Pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals, the bride and groom are told about the significance and importance of married life. The rituals are both fun and emotional and each one of them holds a story behind it. Plus some of them have scientific reasons too. Weddings in India are mostly two or three days affair but in some communities, the rituals go on for a week with a blast of music, dance, food, and emotions.

Karnataka Wedding

Like other South Indian states, even Karnataka weddings are so close to the age-old traditions. Karnataka weddings are mostly simple and there is no showoff. You won't find any loud music here, in fact, you will get to listen to classical rhythm coming from Nadhaswaram. Even the attire of the bride and groom is simple and beautiful. It is mostly in cream color nauvari saree with red border for the bride cream color veshti, angavastram, and Turban for the groom. Weddings in Karnataka are mostly a daytime affair. The bride wears green glass bangles and gold jewelry to compliment her look which includes necklace, earrings, maang tikka, etc. Nowadays some grooms started wearing Sherwani as north. The rituals of a Karnataka wedding are mostly the basic rituals of a Hindu wedding with an impact from neighboring States’ rituals. There is no change in the customs and rituals of Karnataka weddings and they are still the same as they were years ago. Some traditions may differ in North Karnataka and South Karnataka due to regional differences.

Significance Of Marriage

In Indian society which is vast in culture and traditions, marriage is believed to be a sacred institution of not just two individuals but also two families. Here, marriage is an unbreakable relationship with both husband and wife playing their dedicated roles in domestic and social life. The wife is supposed to be the one who takes care of the household while the husband is the earner and feeder for the family. The wedding is arranged with many rituals in such a way that the soon to be married couple can learn the true meaning of marriage and how they can be each other’s strength for the new phase of life.

Customs And Beliefs Related To Karnataka Hindu Wedding

Nischay Tamulam

When both families like each other the horoscopes of the girl and boy are matched by the priest in the alliance is fixed only if their stars are aligned. Once everything matches both families exchange plates of betel leaf and betel nut to officially fix the wedding. The formal engagement ceremony does not necessarily include boy and girl at the same place the bride's family visits groom in his house and offers clothes sweets and fruits and gold chain or ring similarly the groom’s family visits the bride and offers her saree, sweets, and jewelry. Wedding date and muhurtham it's fixed by the priest according to the horoscope.


A Puja is performed a few days prior to the wedding by the priest on both sides. The families pray to God to bless the couple with health and wisdom and remove all the obstacles and hitches from their path. The puja is performed before the wedding so that the almighty will make sure that all the rituals and ceremonies are completed smoothly. This Puja marks the beginning of the wedding ceremonies and the first invitation to the wedding is presented to God during this Puja.

Kashi yatra

The groom pretends to be angry and tells his family that he is going to Kashi and will take sanyas there as they are not searching for his bride. He takes his things and starts leaving the home but stopped by his maternal uncle who offers him the bride they have chosen for him. In some communities, the uncle has to offer his own daughter for marriage. The groom then agrees to stay back and returns home for the wedding.


on the wedding day, the groom has to visit the nearby temples and seek blessings from the almighty. The things which are going to be used in the wedding are kept in front of god to ensure that everything is pious and will bring good luck to the couple.

Var Puja

the groom is said to be the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu and hence given the respect like that only is taken to the Mandap by his father in law who then performs a Puja of him and presents silk dhoti and Pitambar which he has to wear for the wedding rituals to be performed further.


The bride is then brought to the Mandap but with her face covered with a fan made of peacock feathers. She is generally accompanied by her sisters. A curtain is placed between the bride and the groom which is removed when the priest chants the Vedic mantras to commence the wedding. The bride and groom then exchange flower garlands 3 times.


This is the Kanyadaan ritual of every Hindu wedding in which the bride’s parents officially give their daughter's hand to the groom and bless the couple. Brides hand It is kept on the groom’s hand with betel leaf and holy water is poured by her parents. This signifies her parents’ approval for the union.


a nuptial knot is tied Between the ends of brides and grooms cloth and they take seven rounds around the sacred fire and take seven vows. They make promises to be with each other for the rest of their lives and support their spouses with love and care. After this, the couple sits back with the bride on the groom’s left side. The groom then ties the mangalsutra around her neck and this concludes the wedding. The couple then seeks blessings from their elders.

Customs And Beliefs Related To Karnataka Muslim Wedding

Unlike Hindu marriage rituals, Karnataka Muslim marriage is not only a traditional union between a man and a woman but also a legal contract solemnizing their relationship. Most of the brides prefer to wear red saree on the wedding day with gold jewelry in which nose ring and jhoomar have an important role to complete her bridal look. The groom too looks dashing in a sherwani where his look is complemented with a floral sehra. Both of their faces are hidden with dupatta and sehra respectively until the wedding rituals are done to keep them safe from evil eye.


Male members from both the families visit the local mosque where a prayer is offered by the maulvi to seek Allah’s blessings for the alliance. He reads aloud the verses from Holy Quran and invites the almighty while everyone prays for a hurdle free wedding and married life of the prospective bride and groom. A wedding date is then decided by the maulvi with the consent of both fathers. Everyone congratulates each other by hugging and feeding sweets.

Imam Zamin

Once the date is decided, the groom’s mother along with the female members meet her future daughter in law and showers her with dress, jewelry, fruits, sweets, dry fruits and one gold/silver coin wrapped in silk cloth which she ties on the bride’s hand to show her happiness with the alliance.


Mangni is the engagement ceremony in the Muslim weddings which takes place at bride’s side. The groom along with his family is welcomed by the bride’s family where each family showers gifts to the bride and groom. The bride’s father presents the ring to the groom and similarly the bride is presented with the ring by the groom’s mother. The couple is not allowed to see each other in the traditional ceremony.

Haldi and Mehandi

this ritual takes place one day prior to the wedding at both sides in which the couple is applied a paste of turmeric. The reason behind this ritual is to make the couple beautiful and glowing for the wedding ceremony. After haldi the couple is applied henna on their hands and feet which brings bliss to their upcoming married life.


The wedding day ceremony is called Nikah. The groom with his family, which is called barat, reaches the wedding venue where the bride’s brother gives him a warm welcome and takes him to the place decorated for Nikah ceremony. All the guests are welcomed by sprinkles of rose water and perfume by the bride’s family. Later the males and females sit separately with the groom and bride respectively. The maulvi commence the Nikah ceremony in which first the Mehar is decided by the bride and groom’s father. Mehar is the financial security offered by the groom to the bride for her future. It can be any amount, gold or property as per the convenience and economical condition of the groom’s family. The maulvi then read the verses from Quran and asks the bride whether she is ready to marry the groom with the decided Mehar. The same process is repeated with the groom. The groom then takes vows to respect, love and take care of his wife forever and assures her father of her bright future with him. A prayer is then offered by everyone present at the wedding to thank the almighty. The maulvi then proceeds and make the couple sign the Nikahnama along with two witnesses which is like a marriage certificate in the Muslim community.

Arsi Mushraf

since the couple’s face is hidden until the Nikah is done, they are then brought at the same place and made to sit with each other with a mirror placed in between. The bride and groom are asked to lay their eyes on each other’s reflection in the mirror which denotes that the wedding is complete now.

How Kalyanam Days Helps in finding Karnataka Bride or Groom?

We believe in the sacred union of two individuals and feel blessed that we could help to reunite them with their soulmates from heaven. The most important thing is to get married to the right person and we are the ones who find your Mr or Miss Right for a happily ever after. Hence your search for the potential bride or groom ends here once you get registered on our site. Kalyanam days is the best matrimonial for Karnataka matrimony for all communities from our extended services to brahmins, gowda, iyengar, konkani, kodawa, reddy, naik, mangalorean chirstians, kannadiga muslims and other major and minor individuals to find a spouse of their own choice.

How Kalyanam Days Work

We have designed our site with absolute convenience to help you with easy and effortless registration. With only a few simple steps you can get your profile ready to start searching for your significant other. Here is what you need to do -

  • Sign up with your name, email and phone number.
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And done, now you are ready to start searching with the filters available . Also we would be suggesting you the ones which match with your information and expectations. Both free and paid packages are available and you can choose one of your choice by referring to the list of benefits you’ll avail after subscribing to one of them. Kalyanamdays caters to several regions like Kannada Matrimony Bangalore, Kannada Matrimony Brides, Kannada Matrimony Udupi, Kannada Matrimony Mysore, Kannada Matrimony Bagalkot, Kannada Matrimony Belgaum, Kannada Matrimony Bellary, Kannada Matrimony Coimbatore, Kannada Matrimony Davangere, Kannada Matrimony Gulbarga, Kannada Matrimony Hassan, Kannada Matrimony Hindu, Kannada Matrimony Hubli Dharwad, Kannada Matrimony Hubli, Kannada Matrimony Haveri, Kannada Matrimony Mandya, Kannada Matrimony Mangalore and other areas.

How Kalyanam Days Is Unique from other Karnataka Matrimonial

Someone said,”Happiness is only real when shared” and we understand that happiness is doubled when you share it with your life partner. We at Kalyanam days believe that having your love by your side through thick and thin is what matters the most and so we take the honour of taking you to your better half. KalyanamDays Karnataka Matrimony is designed specially for the Kannadigas by keeping their traditions in mind and with utmost respect to one’s privacy and preferences we strictly follow our privacy guidelines and make your matrimony experience a happy and secure one.