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Find Bride & Groom profiles from Malayalam Matrimony

Find Bride & Groom profiles from Malayalam Matrimony

About Us

Kalyanamdays is a leading matrimonial site dedicated to all south Indian languages KannadaTeluguMalayalam, and Tamil. Kalyanamdays is born out of the belief to bind two individuals into soulmates. We understand that marriage is a pious institution in every religion and community and so we serve everyone with the best matrimonial advice regardless of their community. Kalyanamdays is one of the leading Malayalam Matrimony Sites which is devoted to people who are searching Malayalam Matrimony Brides and Malayalam Matrimony Grooms.


Why South Indian weddings are special

Marriages in south India are believed to be a sacred institution. It is not only the union of a man and a woman but a relationship between two families. Indian weddings can go long up to 5-7 days including pre and post-wedding rituals where each of them holds a special significance for the new life of the bride and groom. There are many rituals and ceremonies of an Indian wedding which can and cannot be the same from one corner of the country to the other. As India is a land of diversity, the cultural variation can be easily experienced at weddings. From attires to decorations, from music to food, one witnesses a magnificent treat by attending an Indian wedding regardless of the religion and community.

Malayalam Weddings

Where in North weddings take place after sunset, south Indian weddings take place in the day time only. In fact, some weddings have their muhurtham at wee hours in the morning. Malayali weddings are said to be very simple and traditional. In some of the Malayali communities, the priest is not present and there is no homam, but the elders in the family conduct all the rituals and guide the couple about customs and their beliefs.

Kerala is a beautiful natural place and has a diverse nature and all the communities have distinct cultural followings. Major components constituted amongst them are Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. these people are so diverse that they are the pride of Kerala with their rich cultural heritage and remarkable rituals where they have almost similar customs amongst these communities but every community has their own way to conduct their wedding. Kerala Matrimony is a delightful event to watch out for because of their simplicity and their customs which they follow it makes one of the most awaited matrimonial events to look out for.

The wedding attire is also quite simple for both the bride and groom but with lots of gold jewelry for the bride. The usual color for both is off white with a golden border. The bride wears saree and the groom wears veshti and angavastram. In some communities, the couple exchanges tulsi garland instead of the flower one. What most people like about Malayali weddings is the traditional food which is served after the ceremonies are over. A grand feast consisting of lots of delicious dishes are served on a banana leaf.

Customs and beliefs of Malayalam wedding

Each Malayalam community has its own beauty and roots in age-old traditions. Be it a Nair wedding or a reddy wedding there will be some customs which are common and some which are different, other-wise there are rituals which are present in all Hindu weddings.

Malayalam Hindu matrimonial services

At Kerala weddings, the bride and groom get married in a decorated space called as nirapara which is decorated with a paddy and a traditional lamp. the process of the wedding gets completed when the groom puts the garland on the bride and the bride puts garland on the groom which is a mutual exchange of flower garlands between the presence of the priest and their parents. they put 7 rounds across the Mandapam to commence their wedding. after this, there is a felicitation ceremony that is conducted between the bride and groom for the relatives who had witnessed their wedding. They will be meeting personally to each and every guest that they have been attended at their wedding and they thank each other.


- Different communities in Kerala have different engagement ceremonies depending upon their origin. In some communities, the couple exchanges ring whereas in some they don't. the family exchanges a plate with betel nuts, betel leaves, fruits and sweets Whereas some communities don’t follow this ritual. In fact, in a few of them, the presence of the bride and groom is not necessary. The thing which is common in all the communities is that the wedding date and muhurtham is decided by the priest according to the horoscope of the couple. The date is decided from the Panchangam.


- Thala stands for head whereas ari and eduva stands for rice and blessings respectively. The ritual takes place separately at both sides in which whoever is elder to the boy and girl bless them by pouring rice on their heads. After which the bride and groom need to touch their feet. The time for the ritual is decided according to the muhurtham which can be both one day before the wedding or on the wedding day itself.

Even the wedding day rituals are different for each community few of them have a wedding which is conducted by the priest and a few of them have a wedding guided by the elders in the family. The bride and Groom arrive at the Mandapam with their family members. The stage is decorated with flowers and lamps. The bride enters the venue with her sisters who hold lamps in their hands. The groom also has a similar kind of entry.


- They are then made to sit at the Mandapam where the groom ties the thali around the girl’s neck which is a mangalsutra of plain gold chain with leaf-shaped pendant. The groom’s sisters help him tie it.


- In this ritual, the bride's father gives her hand to the groom which signifies that they are giving her responsibility to the groom for the rest of their life. The groom promises to take care of her wife and love her forever. Once the kanyadanam is done the couple takes 3 rounds on the stage which is like Saptapadi in other South Indian weddings with this ritual they mark the end of the wedding ceremonies.


- After all the ceremonies are done food is served which is called Sadya, consisting of more than 20 dishes.

Malayalam Hindu matrimonial service

Kerala Hindu marriages are basically commenced with matching the horoscope of the bride and groom by a renowned astrologer. The suitability is announced after the analysis and if they find that both are eligible and if all goodness is meeting the requirement then they will decide to fix an auspicious date for the alliance which is done through engagement and is followed by a wedding.

Malayalam Christian Matrimony services

The wedding ceremony is more similar to other communities wedding rituals. the initial process of Kerala Christian Malayalam Matrimony process takes place by the bride and groom taking permission from their concerned Church who will be blessing them. Kerala Christian Wedding is much more minimalistic and it is different from other community weddings. The church, where the bride and groom appear to take permission from, announces the alliance to everyone whoever is associated with the church and is invited to their wedding and see that whether there is no opposition in between for the couple who are going to get married or any other concern like the date of the wedding.

In Kerala Christian Wedding the process is basically followed by engagement ceremony which is performed in their respective Church and hence there is an invitation that is presented to all the members of the family who have to attend the ceremony. Post the ceremony, prayers will be conducted on several days in the local Malayalam language. After this process the bride and groom both will be partying their last day of Bachelors, this activity will be either conducted with their family members or their friends. After the bachelor party there are few communities where they follow the Haldi ceremony similar to the Hindu community. The process is the same in which they apply turmeric paste on the couple who are going to get married.

At Kerala Christian Wedding day, the groom will be seeking the hand of the bride where they have to send a personal invitation to pick the bride for the venue. they are greeted by flowers upon arrival and they are wished by all their relatives. Upon the arrival of the bride on the venue, the priest would be reading wedding vows from the Bible to preserve the sanctity of the wedding while the couple has to promise each other that there will be together till their last breath.

Post-wedding there is a reception ceremony which will be organized to serve all the guests and is followed by the traditional activities being conducted with each other.

Malayalam Muslim weddings

Kerala Muslim wedding is basically known as nikkah which is a prominent ritual in Muslim marriages. They follow a unique tradition which is completely different from other communities.

The engagement ceremony is almost similar to other communities where the boy’s family gift them with auspicious metals and textile to the girl family and the girl side will present a gift in the form of monetary and Jewellery items to the groom’s family. Here they will be fixing wedding dates by the consent of both the parties.

There is an event conducted called mylanchi that is held before the wedding which is usually conducted at the girl’s side. This is similar to the Haldi ceremony, After the Haldi ceremony, they apply henna on the hands and legs of the bride.

The main event that is conducted in a Muslim marriage is Nikah that starts with the groom’s family coming to the venue which is decided by the bride’s family. Here they are welcomed by the bride’s relatives which are a ritual that they are abided to. Before the start of the wedding ceremony, Mehar is decided which is a monetary gift to the bride from the groom’s side. Then the ceremony is started by a Maulavi who decides the versus and manage all activities of the wedding where the Maulavi asks the bride and groom which is similar to Christian Wedding and when the bride and groom both agree to marry each other only then Maulavi conducts the ceremony further ahead. The bride and groom have to see each other in the mirror first and then they can see each other directly. After all the activities had been performed, there is a prayer followed by the event where all the members of the family will be taking part and then it is followed by a feast.


How Kalyanam Days Help you in searching Malayali Bride or Groom?

We are one of the most reliable Matrimonial websites in South India especially for Kerala Matrimony, whether you are searching for a Malayali bride or a groom, Kalyanam days is the best portal to look out for. We have a strict process in authenticating profiles across communities where several brides and grooms have registered and for their Soulmate through Kalyanam days. If you are searching for a Malayali girl for Malayali boy, look no further because we are the most trusted and reliable platform where we offer authentic profiles of the bride and groom from Kerala. We are proud of our matrimonial offerings for Kerala people, you can search your desired bride or groom from any part of the globe which is completely verified and you don't have to worry about the authentication process which is conducted by us.

At Kalyanam Days we believe that everyone deserves to get the best companion for them and so we determine ourselves to help an individual to get the desired life partner. As said earlier, we are south Indian matrimony and help caters every community living based in the southern part of India for perfect matchmaking. To all the religion Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jain & Parsi in the five states of South India our policy and dedication remain the same. We also cater to Malayalam Matrimony Hindu, Malayalam Matrimony Hindu Nair, Malayalam Matrimony Muslim, Malayalam Matrimony Nair, Malayalam Matrimony Hindu Ezhava, Malayalam Brahmin Matrimony, Malayalam Christian Matrimony Sites, Malayalam Catholic Matrimony, Malayalam Vilakkithala Nair Matrimony, Malayalam Pentecostal Matrimony, Vishwakarma Malayalam Matrimony.

How Kalyanam Days Work

Kalyanamdays is a leading Malayalam Marriage Matrimony site in south India. Registering yourself for the matrimonial services is a few minutes work. All you need to do is to be clear and ready on your end with the required details. Following are the details which will be asked -

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Once you make up your mind with the above-mentioned requirements start your sign up the journey on the Best Malayalam Matrimony website where you can do Malayalam Matrimony Free Registration.

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